Launched on October 14, 1961 as BARILOCHE for Société d'Armement Maritime Suisse-Atlantique S.A., Lausanne at the shipyard Brodogradiliste "3. Maj" in Rijeka, Yugoslavia.

Delivered on 19.07.1962 to Trans-Globe Shipping & Trading Corp. (Management: Société d'Armement Maritime Suisse-Atlantique S.A., Lausanne), Monrovia. Official No.: n.a. Call sign: 5MJS.

In the early morning of July 19, 1963, on a voyage from Duluth to Rotterdam with a cargo of grain, the M/S BARILOCHE collided with the Great Lakes freighters "Canadoc" and "Calgadoc" on the St. Lawrence River near the Ile d'Orleans , Quebec. All ships involved suffered major damage. After repairs in Quebec, the ship was able to continue the journey on August 18, 1963 in the direction of Rotterdam.

Sold on 28.10.1966 at Amsterdam to Helica S.A.,Genève (same management), Bale and renamed ST. CERGUE. GRT: 14,112, NRT: 9,367, DWT: 19,660. Official No.: 078. Call sign: HBFF.

At Dunkerque sold 25.01.1978 to Calvin Maritime Co. S.A. (Management: Cogemar Sprl. Compagnie de Gestion Maritime, Bruxelles), Panama and renamed  CALVIN. Official No.: 8157-AB. Call sign: HPRX. GRT: 13,834, NRT: 9,370, DWT: 19,935.

1980 Sold to Union Commercial Steamship Co., Panama but then transferred to Seapeace Maritime Inc. (Management: Union Commercial Steamship Co., Piraeus), Panama and renamed PATVIN.

On the 31st. May 1984 laid up at Piraeus.

Stranded at Syros Island at 09.30 Hrs. on 03.05.1984 after dragging anchor in heavy weather, refloated 04.05.1984 and taken in tow to Eleusis where arrived 31.05.1984.

Later in 1984 sold to Eurco Spirit Navigation Co. Ltd. (Management: Eurolines Contracting Co. S.A., Athina), Valletta and renamed EURCO SPIRIT. Official No.: 1136. Call sign: 9HGI2. Sailed 13.12.1984 for Gibraltar.

Sold to China National Metal & Minerals Import & Export Corp. to be broken up and arrived at Shanghai 12.03.1985. Scrap price: $ 128.00 per ltd.