Launched 1918 as EULVA at Wed. Ynte de Jongh, Ruischerbrug, Groningen (Yard No. 08) for A. Jordens, Jr. 348 GRT 188 NRT 450 DWT, 41.37 (39.82) x 6.84 x 3.60 x 3.329 draught as shelterdeckcoaster, with a service speed of 8 kn.

June 1919 delivered as QUO VADIS to Gebr. van de Bergh's Industrie en Handel Maatschappij (Mangement: N.V. Scheepvaart Maatschappij "Rotterdam", Rotterdam), Rotterdam. Powered with 2 x 4 cyl, 4 stroke, 280 x 280, of 66 NHP, 195 bhp engines, built at N.V. Machinefabriek "Drakenburg" v/h D.W. van Rennes, Utrecht. Cargo gear: 2 derricks. Official No.: 11516 ROTT 1918. Call sign: PQVK.

(n.b. received by e-mail on 28. October 2005 from Mr. Frank Soetermeer: "The ship "Rhone", was built in 1918-1919, under the name "Quo Vadis", in Ruischerbrug, Groningen, at the Shipyard ''Wed Y. de Jongh''. Until 1920 it was indeed owned by ''N.V. Scheepvaart Maatschappij Rotterdam". This company was owned by "Firma Soetermeer Fekkes & Co.", founded in 1916 by K. Fekkes, Jr. and my grandfather W.A. Soetermeer (1882-1950). The latter company is still existing. For more information I refer to Mr. G.J. Mulder, e-mail: g.j.mulder@wxs.nl. He wrote a nice book on these companies (in which the "Quo Vadis" is lacking)".

Other sources say: On 23.07.2019 purchased by N.V. Scheepvaart Maatschappij Rotterdam (Management: Soetermeer, Fekkes & Co., Rotterdam), Rotterdam.

In October 1920 sold to A.P. Daraghiati, Bari, and renamed DARAGHIATI I TRET. Call sign: n.a.

1922: Transferred to Albania, port of registry, Durazzo / Durres, same owners. Call sign: n.a.

1925: Resold to G. Russo fu de Messina., Messina. Renamed: DIEGO RUSSO. Call sign: n.a.

In the summer of 1927, the old Drakenburg machines were replaced by 2 2-cyl. 4-stroke (280 x 455) machines from the engine factory "Deutz" A.G., Cologne-Deutz. The power is now new 200 hp. In November she reached 8.6 knots on seatrial.

Re-engined in summer 1927 in Rotterdam with 2 x 2 cyl, 4 stroke, 280 x 455, Motorenfabrik "Deutz" A.G., Köln-Deutz engines, 200 bhp.

09.11.1927 bought by Pieter Johannes, s'Gravenhage) and renamed ANDILETTE. Registered at Rotterdam. Official No.: 2651 Z ROTT 1927. Call sign: NDGB.

14.11.1927 transferred to Francis Mackenzie, Brussels. Name and flag unchanged.

31.03.1928 resold to N.V. Motorschoener "ELAND" (Management: Doeko Oosting, Delfzijl), Delfzijl, and renamed ELAND. Call sign: NPFM.

01.05.1931 transferred to N.V. Motorship "ELAND" (Management: Doeko Oosting, Delfzijl), Delfzijl, not renamed.

On December 18 th, 1931, after unloading coal in Sarpsborg on her way to Tiedstrand, via Vallø for bunkering, got in contact twice with the Teineboen cliffs in the  Oslofjord by negligent navigation of the skipper Middendorp and started taking in water in the engine room. The ship developed a list and was left by the crew, who stayed in the lifeboat nearby of the ship. The casualty was towed by fishermen on a sandy bottom and was subsequently salvaged by a salvage company few days later and brought to Tønsberg and repaired.

1934: The call sign was changed to: PDWO.

On 01.05.1936 purchased by Menne Vellinga, Groningen. Not renamed.

26.04.1940 sold to Rotterdamsche Kustvaart Centrale N.V., Rotterdam and renamed ELISABETH. Call sign: PDWU. Other sources say N.V. 'Rokocent I', Rotterdam. Management N.V. Rotterdamsche Kolen Centrale, Rotterdam.

27.10.1942 confiscated by the German administration in Holland and registered by N.V. Nederlandsche Oost Reederij, Rotterdam, sailed for the "Organisation Todt" with sand and gravel in the German Bight. Not renamed.

On 03.06.1945 delivered back at Wilhelmshaven to N.V. Rokocent I (Management: N.V. Rotterdamsche Kolen Centrale, Rotterdam), Rotterdam.

09.03.1951 Purchased by Cargos Maritimes S.A., Genève. Registered in Bâle (Basel) and renamed RHÔNE. Official No.: 032. Call sign: HBDW.

Went aground on 14.07.1955 in bad weather 10 miles west off Ras Azzaz Light, east off Tobruk, abandonded and later capsized. She was on voyage from Lipari to Alexandria with a cargo of lava granulate.

In August 1955 declared as a constructive total loss and deleted on 07.11.1955 from the Swiss register.