In 2009 the shipping company Société d'Armement et de Transport, SOCATRA, Bordeaux, France ordered two standard oil products/chemical tankers of 7,500 tons DWT with the shipyard Taixing Ganghua Ship Industry Co. Ltd., Taixing, Province Jiangsu, P.R. China. The town of Taixing is located on the northern bank of the Yangtse River, about 200 km upriver of Shanghai. During the construction time the shipyard was sold and renamed AVIC-Dingheng Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

On 24.04.2009 the first steel plates were cut for the first vessel (IMO-No. 9610339, hull No. GHCY 7500-07) and keel laying was on 15.09.2009. At the launching on 03.08.2011 the vessel's hull was marked with the name BEAUFORT. It was intended, that a company Garonne SA in Luxemburg would take over the tanker and register it under this name in Luxemburg (intended call sign: LXXJ). In the course of 2011 the ordering company retreated from the builder's contract.

Obviously the construction work progressed only very slowly and after a few sea trials the vessel was laid-up in the shipyard in May 2012. According to local Chinese regulations the ship was called during sea trials with the temporary, Chinese name ZHONG DING 5.

After the ship was laid-up, the builder's yard registered the tanker for formal reasons provisionally under the name BEAUFORT. The registration was done in June 2012 through the ship management company Global Marine Ship Management Co. Ltd., Hong Kong in the Marshall Islands (Registered owner: Arrow Shippping Development Ltd. Qingdao, home port: Majuro, official No. 4723, call sign: V7YS5). It must be noted, that such a registration does not permit any trading of the vessel, as only a "Non-operational" certificate of registry was issued.

At begin of 2013 the vessel was purchased by the ABCmaritime Group, registered owner is the San Padre Pio Schifffahrt AG, Amriswil, Switzerland. On 23.04.2013 the SAN PADRE PIO was taken over in the builder's yard and registered under Swiss flag (official No. 209, call sign: HBFI). Before take-over the construction work had to be completed and extensive modifications were carried out. The commercial and technical management of the ship is done by ABCmaritime in Nyon, Switzerland.

The SAN PADRE PIO is a double hull tanker of IMO class 2. She has 6 pairs of cargo tanks and 2 slop tanks with a total volume of 8,540 m3 and a deadweight of 7,616 mt on a summer draft of 7.20 m. Each cargo tank has a deep well cargo pump and cargo can be heated through deck-mounted heat exchangers. IGS is fitted to protect the cargo tanks (Inert Gas System).

The propulsion system consists of two main engines, each driving a CP-propeller via a reduction gear. The 8-cylinder, four stroke diesel engines, type: 8L21/31 of MAN B&W design were fabricated under licence by Zhenjiang Marine Diesel Works, China. The power developed is 2 x 1,720 kW at 1,000 RPM and gives the tanker a speed of approximately 13 knots. Two shaft generators and 3 diesel generators supply the electrical power net of 450V/60Hz.

On the SAN PADRE PIO a crew of 12 men is employed, the master and officers are from the Ukraine and the ratings are from the Philippines. The first voyage was from the builder's yard to Singapore, then to Malaysia to load a cargo of palm oil for Odessa in the Ukraine. It is planned to trade the tanker initially on the spot market.

SwissShips, MB, HPS, May 2013

Renamed MARIA IMMACULATA on 07.03.2022. Officially registered under this name in Basel on March 31, 2022.

Flagged out to Malta on 28.04.2022 (15:17 CET) in Arinaga, Canary Islands. New homeport Valletta. Call sign 9HA5620.