Launched ??.??.1906, and delivered in July 1906 as "TOSTO" for Pelton S.S. Co., Ltd., Newcastle. Cargo gear: 5 derricks. Code letters HGQC.

1932 sold to A.P. Anastassatos, Cephalonia. Renamed: "PANIS". Code letters S???.

1933 registered at Argostoli.

1937 sold to Highbury S.S. Co. Ltd. (Manager: J. Vassiliou, London), London, and renamed "HIGHBURY". Code letters ????.

1938 resold to A. P. Anastassatos, Panama, and renamed "NORA". GRT: 1781, NRT: 1121, DWT: 2650. Code letters HPIG.

Purchased on 09.06.1940 by Swiss Shipping Co. Ltd. (Syndikat des Verbandes Schweizerischer Gaswerke, Zürich) (Management: Schweizerische Reederei A.G. (Swiss Shipping Co. Ltd.), Basel), Basel, for $ 221'100.- , and renamed "MALOJA", registered at Panama, and taken over by her new owners on 05.12.1940 at Cork. Her Captain was Klaas Heeres. GRT: 1788, NRT: 1457, DWT: 2650 Call sign HPIG.

Transferred on 24.04.1941 under Swiss flag. Registered at Basel. Call sign HBDI. The official ceremony took place at Genova on 30.04.1941.

Sailed on 01.09.1943, at about 16:30h, from Lisboa, with a cargo of 1800 tons copra oil and 220 tons bagged copra for Switzerland, via Genova.

Attacked mistakenly on 7th September 1943 at 16:15h off Cap Revellata, Corsica by 10 British aircrafts off the Coastel Command, with machine-guns and torpedos. S/S " MALOJA " sank after being hit by a torpedo, fiercely burning , within 13 minutes in a position 42°'50' N , 8°11' E, about 30 nautical miles Northeast of Calvi. The wreck lies in 2800 meter below water level.

The Portugese sailors Francisco Duarte, Eduardo da Paz und Joa Lino were killed. The Dutch 1. Officer Simon Hoffman and the Swiss cook Fritz Häggi were badly hurt. 20 crewmembers and the ships dog Maloja survived.

The ship was on her last voyage, under the command of the Dutch Captain Wouters A. J. van Baardwijk.