This general cargo vessel was built by the shipyard Brodogradiliste "3rd Maj", Rijeka (Yard / Hull No.:465) , Yugoslavia for Jugolinija (Jugoslavenska Linijska Plovidba), Rijeka. Delivered to the owners under the name TREBINJE in August 1960 and put into service. The ship flew the Yugoslavian flag and her home port was Rijeka (call sign YTEG). Trebinje is a town and municipality located in the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is situated on the banks of Trebišnjica river in the region of East Herzegovina.

On 23.09.1967 on a voyage from Rijeka to Madras, loaded with pig iron, cotton and general cargo, a fire broke out in the engine room 300 miles south-east of Durban (the Suez Canal was closed in June 1967 during the Six-Day War and ships had to sail around the Cape of Good Hope). The engine room and superstructure burnt out completely. The entire crew had to abandon ship and after a stormy night in the boats, they were picked up the next day by the Dutch freighter SCHIEKERK and put ashore in Durban.  Unfortunately, the Dutch chief officer fell overboard during the rescue operation and was lost in the choppy sea. On 01.10.1967 the drifting and abandoned ship was towed to Tuléar (Toliara) in the south of Madagascar by the Soviet freighter MYTISTCHI. Declared a total loss and registered by the Soviet salvors with Black Sea Steamship, Odessa. Later towed to Dakar where the vessel arrived on 27.12.1967. After the discharge the cargo, the hulk was resold to Poul Christensen, Nakskov, Denmark.

At the beginning of 1968 sold on to Frangos Brothers & Co. Ltd. Piraeus and renamed KAPTASTAMATI (owner: Efmariners Cia. S.A. Piraeus). Registered in the Greek shipping register in Piraeus (call sign: n.a.). Left Dakar on 03.04.1968 under tow of the tug GRONINGEN and arrived in Bilbao, Spain on 20.04.1968 for repairs. Put back into service in February 1969 under the Bermuda flag. Registered owner Efmariners Co. Ltd. Hamilton, Bermuda. Official No.: 332651. Call sign: ZCBZ. Newly measured tonnage: GRT: 10,276, NRT: 5,985, DWT: 13,550.

In 1971, Keller Shipping Basel acquired the Greek freighter and registered her on 09.11.1971 under the Swiss flag with the name CHAMPEX. Owner company: Compagnie de Navigation Transocéanique Suisse S.A., Genève (Register no.: 86 / call sign: HBFQ). Champex is a small holiday village in the Valais, about 15 km south of Martigny. It is idyllically situated on a small mountain lake and has an old artillery fort to protect the road to the Great Saint Bernard (now a museum).



The CHAMPEX sailed from Genoa to West Africa for the Nautilus Line. The crew consisted of Italians, Yugoslavs, Spaniards and Swiss. From the late 1960s, Keller Shipping also took good men from the Kroo-boys from Freetown, Sierra Leone and integrated them into the regular ship's crew.

In 1983 Keller Shipping sold the CHAMPEX to Brave Lion Marine Ltd. Valletta and on 09.08.1983 the Swiss flag was taken down and the ship handed over to the new owner. Registered in Valletta under Maltese flag (official no.: 0868, call sign 9KMO).

Sold on for scrapping to Khanbhai Esoofbhai in the same year. The ship was beached on 25.10.1983 in Alang, India at the scrap yard Bhai, Yusuf Bhai & Co. Khan.

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