The ship was built as a multi-purpose cargo/container vessel by Stocznia Szczecinska im A. Warskiego, Szczecin, Poland under the hull number B-181-4 for Palm Line Ltd., London. The keel was laid on 12.01.1981, the launching as LAGOS PALM was on 21.08.1981 and the delivery to her owners was on 31.07.1982. She was registered under the British flag in the port of Liverpool. IMO / Lloyd's Register No.: 7822768, official No.: 399236, call sign: GCQA.

The vessel had dual tonnage (open/closed shelter decker) 10'899 / 15'575 GRT, 6689 / 9878 NRT and a summer dead weight of 14’323 / 19’167 metric tonnes. The main dimensions were 176.70 m overall length, 25.36 m wide and 13.4 m depth. The ship’s container capacity was 934 TEU. The cargo gear serving the 4 holds consisted of 6 single derricks of 36 metric tonnes SWL (Safe Working Load) each.

The main propulsion consisted of one 8-cylinder, slow speed cross head diesel engine, made by Cegielski-Sulzer, type: 8 RND 68M, directly coupled to one CP-propeller (controllable pitch propeller, developing 15’200 BHP at 150 RPM. Electrical power, A.C. 3-phase 380V / 50Hz was supplied by one shaft generator of 1000 kW, 2 diesel generators of 800 kW each and 1 emergency diesel generator. One bow thruster of 845 kW was installed.

In the year 1984 the ship was time chartered by Lloyd Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro and renamed LLOYD RIO.

In 1986 the ship was sold to UAC International Ltd., London. The name remained unchanged, but was later in the same year changed to LAGOS.

In 1986 the vessel was purchased by Black Sea Shipping Co. (BLASCO), Odessa, renamed BORIS ANDREYEV and registered under the Soviet flag. Official No.: M-38544, call sign: UYRR.

In November 1992 due to the independence of the Ukraine the flag was changed to Ukrainian flag and the writing of her homeport name was changed into Odesa.

In December 1996 the ship was sold to Seahorse Shipping Co. Ltd., Nassau and the management was changed to V-Ships (Cyprus) Ltd., Limassol. The vessel was renamed PEARCE (Named after the former British footballer Martin Pearce) and registered under the flag of the Bahamas with home port Nassau. Official No.: 728147, call sign: C6OI8.

It appears, that early 1997 the vessel was converted to a container carrier, with all cargo gear removed and container guides fitted.

In May 1997 she was sold to Pageant Trading Inc., Monrovia and the vessel was registered under the flag of St. Vincent & the Grenadines with her homeport Kingstown- Official No.: 7405, call sign: J8SZ6. The name PEARCE was retained and the new tonnage was GRT: 16'712, NRT: 8038, DWT: 19'677.

On 01.12.1997 the technical management was allocated to ABC Maritime A.G., Nyon.

On 30.09.1998 the PEARCE was sold to Maritima Nieves S.L., Santa Cruz de Tenerife and handed over to her buyers in Barcelona, together with her sister vessel JAMIE. Renamed NIEVES B and registered under the Spanish flag. Official No: ?, call sign: EAUM. The management is with Naviera Pinillos S.A., Madrid.

In April 2007 transferred to Naviera Pinillos S.A., Santa Cruz de Tenerife, not renamed.

2008 transferred to Maritima Nieves SL (Management: Boluda Lines S.A., Valencia which owns Naviera Pinillos since 25.11.1997).

In 2009 sold as is in Alicante (Spain) for demolition in India. (176 $ US per LDT), to Moorgate Shipping Inc. Renamed AHRAF B and transferred to St Kitts & Nevis flag. Port of registry Basseterre, call sign V4MB.

Beached at Alang on 22.09.2009.