Launched on 30.05.1912 by J. L. Thompson & Sons Ltd., North Sands, Sunderland (Yard No. 488) as CHINCHA for New York & Pacific S.S. Co. Ltd., London and delivered in September 1912 to New York & Pacific S.S. Co. (Management: Grace Lines, New York), New York. Fitted for oil firing. Cargo gear: 1 heavy lift boom "Jumbo" at n.a. Tons. SWL (Safe Working Load) and 14 at n.a. Tons SWL derricks. Official No.: 212892. Call sign: LFCK.

1914: Transferred to W. R. Grace & Co., New York.

1918: Sold to Nafra S.S. Co. (Management: Grace Lines, New York), New York. Not renamed.

In 1920 she was sold to Green Star Steamship Corp, of New York, not renamed.

1923: Sold to Planet S.S. Corp., New York. Not renamed.

1929: Purchased by American South African Line Inc. (Management: Farrel Lines Inc., New York), New York. Not renamed.

1934: New call sign: WCCE.

1939: Sold to Ante Babarovich (Management: Petrinovic & Co. Ltd., London), Milna (Yugoslavia) and renamed MILENA. Official No.: n.a. Call sign: n.a.

1940 transferred to Cia. de Navegacion Transmar S.A., Panama.

1941: Sold to Compañia de Vapores Arauco Panameña (Management: Atlas Trading Corp., New York), Panama and renamed GLORIA. Official No. n.a. Call sign: HPRK.

On 08.01.1941 chartered by the Swiss War Transport Administration (Kriegs Transport Amt (KTA), Berne. 1st voyage from New York to Genova. The Swiss Government was in negotiation with the vessels owner to purchase her. The proposed name under the Swiss flag was "Dent du Midi". As the managers Atlas Trading Corp., owned by Babarovic & Petrinovic, were situated in New York and GLORIA had been a "American vessel" in her entire life, US Government persuaded owners not to sell her to Europe, but to keep her in American trade together with s/s "Kotor". For that reasons the ship was released from the Swiss Government charter party on 16.04.1941.

1948: Registered by Gloria Compañia Maritima S.A., Panama.

In August 1950 the s/s GLORIA arrived Baltimore, Maryland to be broken up by Potapsco Scrap Company.